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Water Recovery

Big storms usually bring flooding. The media shows footage of vehicles partly submerged in water, usually during the peak of the storm. What the media does not show you; is footage of flooded cars with water levels only up to the tires, which have been abandoned on highways, streets, and in parking garages due to the storm. More than 500,000 cars were totaled because of Hurricane Harvey!  We go down to those storage fields searching for the small percentage of the vehicles that are dry inside. If they run and drive, and have no odor, or signs of water in them, we will evaluate them more closely.  If we determine that they are non-damaged,  we will buy them through auction.  We purchase a high-quality vehicle at a discount. A vehicle that was taken from an owner who did not expect to have their car taken from them, just because of a bad storm. Our objective is to buy a completely nondamaged flood car.
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