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Let Imports Unlimited show you how easy it is to buy a quality used car in Wallingford. We believe fair prices, superior service, and treating customers right leads to satisfied repeat buyers.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you find the car you deserve, priced to fit your budget. Shop our virtual showroom of used cars, trucks and suv's online then stop by for a test drive.

Customer Reviews

Mark Ryan - 2017 Kia Soul

The short-  Shop and buy here with confidence that you'll bring home a good honest car. The long-Every staff member that I worked with as well as staff that I just chatted with are polite people that treated me respectfully and answered my questions with clear and concise rock solid information. No one that I encountered was wishy-washy or displayed a demeanor that left me thinking anything other than I was being told the truth. I've found Imports Unlimited to be a model business and appreciated the clarity that I experienced, because when I'm shopping for a car I want to think about the cars. I don't want my mind cluttered up with questioning if I'm being told the truth or if there's anything going on that's working against me. As well, I believe the staff at Imports Unlimited like their jobs and are happy to work there. For any naysayers reading this and thinking that my testimonial is not genuine because I'm just happy about my new car, or that I don't get out much, then OK, I'll say something bad- The decor. It's awful. That ugly blue linoleum tile is a big turn off. The cars in the showroom don't look good sitting on it. The look of the showroom isn't up to the level of this business. The seating. The seats look awful. One looked so bad I refused to sit on it. Back to the importance of my experience, my salesman, Art Parker. Art treated me well from the first hand shake. I tend to think I can test a salesperson because just about anytime that I'm spending money I ask a lot of questions, and especially in a car purchase. Yet no matter how many questions I asked Art always answered them and never got heated up. There were a couple of question I'd had that a salesperson wouldn't know, and in these cases Art took the bother to get me answers immediately. Nothing was a bother for him, not my interjecting during his speaking or even my requests for a longer test drive or even a second test drive. The guy was just great and very knowledgeable. It was truly my pleasure working with him. He even picked me up at my house because I didn't have a ride to the delivery of my new car. I will close by saying that I wouldn't hesitate to buy another car from Imports Unlimited, and with what I said at the beginning- Shop and buy here with confidence that you'll bring home a good honest car.

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